How Aging Adults Can Address Back Pain

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Since elderly people are susceptible to conditions like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and are sometimes injured due to falling, they’re also at increased risk for experiencing some degree of back pain. Even slight discomfort in the back can make daily life more difficult, which means it’s important for your senior loved one to find effective ways to combat this pain and regain his or her health. Here are some tips for managing back pain in the senior years. 


Identify the Cause of the Pain

This may sound like an obvious first step, but pain involving the back should never be taken lightly. Seniors who have experienced back pain for more than a day or two should immediately schedule appointments with their doctors or chiropractors. After it’s determined the cause of the back pain isn’t a serious medical issue, your loved one can proceed with natural pain management remedies and techniques at home. 

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Apply Heat or Ice

The vast majority of minor back injuries can be treated with heat packs, ice packs, and plenty of rest. This combination has helped countless seniors work through both chronic and acute pain throughout the body. Ice packs reduce inflammation, while heat packs can increase circulation to the affected area and speed up the healing process. These packs can be alternated every 10 or 15 minutes with short breaks in between. 


Do Light Stretches

After a back injury, your loved one shouldn’t attempt to stretch or exercise until the doctor has said it’s safe to do so. Once your loved one is cleared for exercise, he or she should ease into exercising as slowly as possible and focus on ballistic stretches. Unlike static stretches that involve holding a position, ballistic stretches utilize gentle movements such as arm rotations to warm up the muscles and increase blood flow. 

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Use Topical Creams

Another safe way to treat this type of pain is with a homeopathic cream. Homeopathic medicines are based on the idea that the human body will eventually heal itself and man-made medicines are rarely needed. When searching for a topical cream, your loved one should try to find products containing natural ingredients such as arnica, turmeric, menthol, camphor, mint oil, and capsaicin. 

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