Home Health Care vs Home Care

Most of the time when people hear “home care” and “home health care,” they assume that they are the same services. In reality, there are important differences. We are here to set the record straight and explain the differences between home care and home health care.   Home Health Care (Medical Care) Home health care …

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Is Your Home Ready For You to Age in Place?

When it comes to having a home that is suitable for seniors, there are many factors to consider. Not only does the home need to be comfortable, it also needs to be accommodating to the bodily changes that come with old age. Below are some tips to consider when making your home more accessible for …

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Best Pets That Help With Senior Care in Houston

Top Pets For Houston Senior Care Sometimes there is no better companionship than that of having a lovable pet by your side. Pets can offer numerous benefits, especially to seniors who live alone. Some of these benefits include: Enhanced mental focus Companionship Lowered blood pressure Affection Here is a look at some of the things …

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