Providing A Better Kitchen Environment For Assisted Living in Houston

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The Various Low-Cost Solutions To Improve Accessibility In The Kitchen

Accessible kitchens are highly beneficial for older adults because they provide them with a sense of comfort, empowerment, and dignity. As the heart of the home, the kitchen is a room where memories are formed and all basic needs are met. This is the reason why older adults require kitchens where they can easily and safely navigate the space; thereby, creating an environment meeting their needs. One means of doing this is by adding some low-cost updates to the kitchen so that an older adult can experience more independence at home. This article will provide information on the different low-cost solutions available for Houston assisted living.

1. Cabinet Pulls

One of the most popular types of low-cost accessibility solutions for Houston assisted living in the kitchen is the cabinet pull. A standard cabinet can be challenging to grasp for an individual with restricted manual abilities and can cause frustration when preparing a meal. Cabinet pulls are useful because they present with a U-shaped knob that is easier to grasp and use. This is not only beneficial for the user, but it also meets ADA regulations that state all pulls should be easy to open with a single hand. Pulls should not require twisting of the wrist or tight pinching, and these cabinet pulls eliminate these acts.

2. The Faucet

For a faucet to be considered accessible by Houston assisted living, it needs to be easily reached by an individual in a wheelchair; therefore, you should consider the placement of the faucet. Some individuals may consider moving the item closer to the edge of the counter or on the side of the sink, but this could be impractical and unconventional. A low-cost accessibility solution could be the installation of a single-level.

3. Drawers And Cabinets

Crouching to sort through items in lower cabinets can be difficult for all adults, let alone older adults with physical limitations. To make this issue easier to manage, it is recommended that one install full-extension shelves and drawers allowing items to be pulled to the user instead of having to crouch down. Furthermore, if you are able to afford this it is recommended that you install lower cabinets for adults using a wheelchair.

4. Vision Helps

If the older adult experiences limited vision, it is possible to install several low-cost solutions to help make the kitchen more accessible. By adding a contrasting border to illustrate where the wall begins and floor ends, you can increase navigation in the area. It is also recommended that you change the flooring in front of main workspaces to contrast other areas on the floor. Using paint to create raised markings on appliance settings can also help with assisted living in the Houston area.

5. Work Surface

If your budget does not allow for a renovation that will lower kitchen counters for wheelchair users, you need not despair. One low-cost solution is to install a work table at the correct height for a wheelchair. This is beneficial because it makes meal preparation simpler and allows the adult user a greater sense of independence.

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