Technology Helps Your Care Plan As A Caregiver in Pearland

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Are You A Houston Caregiver? Learn Three Ways You Can Involve Technology In Your Care Plan

Research has clearly demonstrated that maintaining or even increasing socialization with family and friends has a tremendous impact on the longevity and wellness of senior citizens. UnitedHealthcare performed a 2012 study of a hundred different centenarians (those 100 or older) and discovered that social engagement is just as critical to aging well as a healthy lifestyle or genetics are understood to be.

The thing is that some seniors have trouble arranging in-person meetings, but technology can offer practical solutions. Keep reading to learn a handful of ways that you, as a Houston caregiver, can stay in touch with someone using technology.

Keeping Up Social Relations Using Social Media And Video Chat

Social media platforms and avenues are good ways to keep many seniors connected. The ability to share comments and thoughts through avenues such as Twitter or Facebook is an increasingly popular thing in the senior community, and it’s one that you should encourage. Hardware solutions are sometimes beneficial options too. If it’s feasible, look into setting up a smart-home intercom system like Nucleus. This easy device is simple and senior-friendly, letting them enjoy video chats with any family member that has a similar device or app of their own. With just the press of a button, an older adult can get instant access to a grandkid or possibly even call for emergency help.

Keep The Body Active And Mind Sharp With Video Games

Video games aren’t just for kids anymore. Research keeps demonstrating that video games have health benefits in all age ranges, including seniors.

In truth, occasionally playing video games might just help improve a person’s vision. One study conducted by McMaster University in Ontario, Canada highlighted patients afflicted with cataracts reporting improvements in their vision once they played first-person shooters such as Call of Duty or Halo. The attention focus and rapid eye movement helped make their eyes stronger, resulting in enhanced vision.

Caregivers might promote better overall health with the addition of games to someone’s daily or even weekly routine. When someone chooses senior home care, they not only get companionship, but many look forward to enjoying time with their caregiver and trying new things. Making sure they have things to look forward to is a vital part of their mental health that should not be overlooked.

Track Medications Through Apps

One crucial aspect of caregiving is making sure that seniors are able to live as independently as they possibly can. The ability to take and track medications properly is an essential element to maintaining independence. Caregivers are wise to research, identify, and download good apps that help a senior accomplish tasks like these.

However, finding just the perfect app when so many are out there can prove a daunting task. Luckily, The University of Sydney already did it, looking over nearly three hundred various medication-tracking apps and then even ranking them based on their functionality and ease of use. Four apps scored higher than all the others. My Heart My Life and Medicine List were two of them. Alar Meds ranked highly but are only for Android devices. Medisafe Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker rounds out the list and is free.

As a Houston caregiver, have you begun applying technological solutions to your caregiving and services? Just what technologies might you endorse or recommend to others? We’re curious to know.

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